MMA Program

Whether you are an aspiring participant, fan, or martial arts student over 13 and looking to up your training level, or just get in the best shape possible, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class is the one for you. We put all the training you learn in our primary program (BJJ, Judo, Krav Maga, Kenpo, TKD, Muai Thai, Boxing & Wrestling) into one class and teach how to transition from one discipline to the next.

We will help you become the most well rounded martial artist possible. Having earned Black Belt-level expertise in ten different martial arts disciplines, Kyoshi Kovar has spent a lifetime honing his knowledge of martial arts. He has built relationships with MA luminaries like John Hackleman (Trainer of Chuck Liddell), Mike Swain (5 time Olympian in Judo), Carlos Valente (7th Degree Black Belt BJJ under Rickson Gracie), and many others to bring the best that Martial Arts has to offer to you. This class is made up of all kinds of students – amateurs and pros, male and female – and we would love to have you join our family.

Chad Shepherd Mixed Martial Arts/MMA

The class is personally supervised by Renshi Chad Shepherd, a lifelong martial artist and professional MMA fighter. Renshi Shepherd brings with him a high level of skill and understanding of the nuances of MMA.

We teach MMA at our Roseville location.

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